How to manage banners

in Revive Adserver

Articles about creating and managing banners in the Revive Adserver software, with tips and best practices from the developers

Creating banners

Tips and best practices for creating banners in Revive Adserver

Defining Delivery Rules

How to target banners to be displayed only when specific conditions apply

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Creating an HTML banner

Article about creating an HTML banner in Revive Adserver

HTML5 logo

Creating an HTML5 banner

Article about creating an HTML5 banner in Revive Adserver

Creating a Video Ad

Article about creating Video Ads in Revive Adserver

Using other Banner Types

Article about other banner types supported by Revive Adserver

Google AdSense logo

Using AdSense ads

Article explaining how to display Google AdSense ads using Revive Adserver

Using Banner Weight

Adjust the weight of a banner to influence how frequently it is displayed

Add a third-party measurement pixel

How to add a third-party measurement tag to a banner in Revive Adserver.

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Counting clicks on third-party tags

Article explaining how to count clicks on third-party HTML or javascript ad tags