Reporting bugs and resolving issues

Have you found a bug in Revive Adserver?

Bugs are no fun. We’re sure you are aware of the fact that perfect, bug free software does not exist. We rely on the community of users of the Revive Adserver software to report bugs they’ve found, so we can fix them and improve the system with the next release.

Before you file a bug report

Here are a few things to check before filing a new bug report:

  • Have you checked that your web server and software meet the technical requirements for Revive Adserver?
  • Are you running the most recent version of the Revive Adserver software? Please review the release notes, the issue you have found may have been fixed already in a more recent release.
  • Have you checked the Revive Adserver Community Forums? Another user may have reported the issue or something very similar, possibly with a fix or work-around.
  • Have you checked the list of issues on the project’s Github page? If someone else already filed an issue that you have also found, please don’t create a new issue, but consider adding any extra detail you might have to the existing issue. This will help us to reproduce the issue and hopefully fix it soon.

Not a bug?

To help users resolve issues that are not bugs, we have created the Revive Adserver Community Forums. Please join the conversation, and if you have the answer to a question posted by another user, please don’t hesitate to jump in and help out.

How to file a bug report

Have you discovered a new issue? We’d like to hear about it!

Please file a new issue on our Github issue tracker and provide as much detail as possible.

Have you discovered a security issue?

We need your input, but please do not file an issue with all the details, nor a fix for the security issue. Instead, please visit our page on Security for information and instructions.