How to Manage User Access

in Revive Adserver

This article explains the different types of users available in the Revive Adserver software, and how to use them effectively.


The Revive Adserver software supports 4 different types of users:

  • Administrator user
  • Manager user
  • Advertiser user
  • Website user

When you perform a new installation of the software, the install wizard will create one account called ‘default account’ (which is actually a terrible name, there is a separate article about managing accounts).

It also creates one user, with the username, the password and the email address entered by the person performing the installation.

The first user will be both the first Administrator and the first Manager user. You can see in which context you’re currently working by looking at the ‘Working as’ tool in the top right corner of the screen after logging in.

Working as Administrator

Recommendation: add a manager user

We recommend that you add a manager user right after completing the installation of the software, and then use that manager user for your day to day use. Only when you actually need to make any changes to the configuration or settings, should you be using the administrator user.

There are separate articles about creating Advertiser users and Website users.

How to add a manager user

There are two ways to reach the screen where new users can be added. One way is to use the “Working as” dropdown to select the account you want, the other way is to navigate to the list of accounts under the Inventory tab while working as administrator, and then clicking the “Switch to this account” link on the corresponding line in the table.

Switch to this account

Once you’re in the appropriate account, and while still in the Inventory tab, just click the “User access” tab in the left column.

Inventory - User access tab

Next, click the Actions button in the top right corner, and then click the Add user link that appears.

Inventory - User Access - Add user

Enter username

This opens a screen asking you to type the username of the new user you want to add. While typing, if the same username happens to exist somewhere else in another account, advertiser, or website, the software will display a list from which you can choose the user. However, for this article we’re going to assume that it is an entirely new username. When you’ve typed the username, click the Add user button to proceed.

Inventory - User access - type username for new user

Enter user’s details

On the User properties screen that now appears, enter the rest of the information needed for the new username. If necessary, you can still also make changes to the username itself.

Inventory - User access - User properties

There is a checkbox labeled “Allow this user to manage this account’s users” as well, which is checked by default. With this checkbox on, the newly created user will be able to add more users by themselves. You should carefully consider if you want this to be the case. Theoretically, the new user could log in and then delete your own username.

Inventory - User access - add user manage account's users

Once you’ve entered all the fields, don’t forget to click the Add user button.

The new user will now be created, and you will return to a list of all the available users. There is a little note at the top of the list informing you that the new user was added.

Inventory - User access - New user added

Tips and Best Practices

Be aware that the Revive Adserver software does not inform the new user about their new username, at least that was not the case at the time this article was last updated (October 2020). You will have to contact the new user and tell them about the login address, their username, and their password.

There is a pending feature request to tweak the New user process by not asking for the password, instead the idea is to send an email to the new user, with instructions on how to set their password and a link to do that.

It might be a good idea to urge the new user to change their own password immediately after they first log in. We don’t have to stress the importance of using unique, strong passwords, do we?

The Revive Adserver software does not force the user to periodically change their password. However, they can do so at any time after logging in by going to the Settings -> Change password screen.

If the user ever forgets their password, there is a link underneath the login form, enabling them to request a password reset email.