Our Sponsors

Revive Adserver

The Revive Adserver open source project has received sponsorship contributions from a number of companies. We have listed them below, with a description of their contribution.

Please consider these companies if you are searching for products or services related to Revive Adserver. By doing business with them, you reward them for their support for our project.

Aqua Platform sponsors the hosting of the Revive Adserver website, forum site, and other resourses, and pays for the SSL certificates we use for all our online properties. Aqua Platform specializes in Revive Adserver hosting, and have been a great help when we were doing performance testing for the improved browser and operating system targeting functionality in Revive Adserver v4.0. Aqua Platform also sponsors us via their contribution in our Patreon campaign.

Our project gets frequent support in various technical areas from VMIS, owned by Ian van Marwijk. He is an experienced Linux system administrator, with multiple years of hands-on experience designing, building, and managing large scale Revive Adserver hosting platforms.

Platform IQ sponsored the development work for two core features: they paid for both the development work in the Revive Adserver 4.0 release to replace the phpSniff library for browser & operating system detection with the more modern Sinergi library, and for the development of the asynchronous tags feature that was introduced in Revive Adserver v3.2 in the spring of 2015. Platform IQ was dissolved in late 2020 and all activities were merged into Aqua Platform.

Patreon Sponsorship program

We thank all individuals and companies who have made a contribution in our Patreon campaign. We would like to specifically mention the following Sponsors for their monthly contributions of $150 or more

FirstImpression.io sponsors Revive Adserver on Patreon. FirstImpression.io has used Revive Adserver for years and considers it to be the leading open source ad serving solution, using it to manage over 3 billion ad calls a month. FirstImpression.io creates and monetizes thousands of highly customized ad products on over 300 publisher websites with zero coding.

You can also become a sponsor and contributed to the continued development of the open source software. If you earn money from using Revive Adserver, please consider donating a small percentage of that to the project. Even just $10 per month will help a lot.
Please visit our Patreon page and sign up to become a sponsor!

If you own or represent a company willing to become a direct, corporate sponsor, then please get in touch with the project team. We would love to discuss your needs, particularly if it’s a commonly requested feature. It may be that even a modest contribution towards the development of the feature will help make it happen faster, especially if there are a number of corporate users looking for the same functionality.