Support for Revive Adserver

Resources for users, administrators, developers and contributors to the open source project

If you are in need of support, please read below for the resources available, or in development.

Are you looking for documentation?

We have been working hard to create new and updated documentation for Revive Adserver, and the results are now available on the brand new Documentation pages. Please check back there often, we’ll be adding more chapters in the near future.

If you have professional experience in writing technical documentation for software, please get in touch! We would welcome help from the community in making the Revive Adserver documentation as good as it can be.

Do you have questions? Or answers to other people’s questions?

Users, managers and administrators working with Revive Adserver sometimes have questions that even the best documentation can not help answer. Others might have the answers. Please visit the Revive Adserver Community Forums and join the conversation!

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Software Upgrade Notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on the feedback we’ve collected and issues that have been filed, we’re putting together a list of frequently asked questions. The two topics that come up most frequently so far are the need for an installation guide and an upgrade guide. Other documentation will follow shortly. There are also some great resources on the web that you might find useful.

Meanwhile, you might be tempted to open an issue on the project pages on Github. We would like to ask you to use the issue system just for filing bug reports.

Are you missing a feature?

Please review our Knowledge Base article about how we manage the project and how we decide on adding features.

Have you found a bug?

Please review our checklist for reporting bugs and resolving issues with Revive Adserver.

Have you discovered a security issue?

Please review our information on reporting security issues with Revive Adserver.

Are you a developer, eager to contribute to the project?

  • Do you have an idea for a new feature, or for an improvement to an existing feature? Great! Please open an issue on Github and describe what you are proposing, and why you think it’s a good idea. The project team or other developers will give feedback on your idea. They might also ask you to start developing the new code, if there is consensus about your proposal.
  • Have you developed a fix for a bug you discovered? We’d love to accept your code contribution. Please create a fork of the source code in your own Github account, implement the fix there and then open a pull request so that we can consider your code contribution. Once your contribution has been accepted, you will be given the choice to be mentioned in the release notes.

A bit further down the line, we will also be adding information for developers of plugins, and for third-party solutions that need to interface with the Revive Adserver via the API.

More resources and related products and services

There are many companies and individuals that have developed plugins, offer hosting, or provide training and consulting services related to Revive Adserver. We are considering to put together an overview of all of these related products and services, to stimulate and grow the ecosystem and the user and business community. We’re a small team, so it will take some time to get to this item. We appreciate your patience and understanding.