How to use

Revive Adserver

A collection of articles explaining how to use the Revive Adserver software effectively and efficiently, with best practices straight from the developers.

7 Steps to get started with Revive Adserver

Once you’ve mastered the basics of using Revive Adserver, then scroll down and browse all of the How to sections to learn about all features and advanced use cases.

Articles about Advertisers

Creating advertisers

Tips and best practices for creating advertisers in Revive Adserver

Articles about Campaigns

Creating campaigns

Tips and best practices for creating campaigns in Revive Adserver

Linking to Zones

Article about linking a campaign to zones, explaining the benefits and best practices.

Articles about Banners

Creating banners

Tips and best practices for creating banners in Revive Adserver

Defining Delivery Rules

How to target banners to be displayed only when specific conditions apply.

Articles about Websites

Creating websites

Tips and best practices for creating websites in Revive Adserver

Articles about Zones

Creating zones

Tips and best practices for creating zones in Revive Adserver

Zone Invocation Code

Getting a Zone’s Invocation Code that needs to be placed in your website.

Articles about Preferences

Creating Delivery Rule Sets

Delivery rules that can be used on multiple banners, instead of defining the same rules over and over on every banner separately.

Manage User Access

Learn about the user types supported by the Revive Adserver software, and how to create a new Manager user.

Articles about Configuration

Check for Product Updates

The article explains how to see which version of Revive Adserver you have, and how to check if an updated version is available.