Geotargeting with Revive Adserver

Revive Adserver, just like its predecessor OpenX Source, has full support for geotargeting. It enables you to display banners to visitors from a country or city, for example. Geotargeting is often used to work with advertisers who want to show their ads only to those visitors who are in their own area.

MaxMind logoAs standard, the Revive Adserver ships with a plugin called “MaxMind GeoIP plugin”. MaxMind is the name of the company that creates the data files needed to perform the geographic lookup, returning a location name for an IP address. After a new installation, the feature is not yet enabled, but it can easily be switched on as soon as geotargeting is needed.

Project team member Erik Geurts has published a helpful article, explaining how to enable geotargeting, how to use the feature to target a banner to a specific location, and how to keep the MaxMind data files up to date.