How to Install and Update

Revive Adserver

A collection of articles explaining how to Install Revive Adserver, and how to Update in the future, plus extra tips and best practices from the developers.

How to Select the Best Hosting Option

This article presents some considerations for selecting your best option to host your Revive Adserver system.

How to Install Revive Adserver

This article shows how to Install the Revive Adserver software on your server, with best practices from the developers.

How to Secure your Installation

This article provides some general tips, tricks, and recommendations in order to properly secure your Revive Adserver installation.

Decide on a good location to install

This article explains how to pick a good location for the installation of your new Revive Adserver system, with tips for future growth and scalability.

How to move the banner image storage location

This article explains how to change the address and folder location for the storage of the banner images that you upload into your Revive Adserver installation.

How to Check for Updates

The article explains how to find out which version of Revive Adserver you have, and how to check if an updated version is available.

How to Update Revive Adserver

This article explains how to perform an update of an existing Revive Adserver installation, with tips on making the process fast and safe.