Revive Adserver is an open source project, dedicated to building and supporting the open source ad server software and the community of users around the world.

Revive Adserver logoRevive Adserver v4.0.2 is available now.

This new release includes one new feature and a number of bug fixes.

Below is a list of changes in Revive Adserver v4.0.2:

  • New: Revive Adserver now supports zone chaining to zones where the dimension(s) of the zone are undefined (i.e. “*”) as well as an exact match.
  • Improved the handling of Email/Newsletter zone linking, to ensure that disallowed HTML banners are simply not shown in the first place when linking from the zone, and to fix a bug that allowed HTML banners to be linked to Email/Newsletter zones from the banner.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error that occurred on the Campaign Properties page when the global Enable Conversion Tracking option is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with the Client/Language delivery limitation not properly working when targeting specific territories (e.g. en_US) or targeting the broader locale when the browser is only sending locale + territory.
  • Improved the warning messages used when generating Local Mode and XML-RPC invocation tags to clarify why these tags are not compliant with IAB guidelines for ad impression measurement (i.e. the ad request comes from the server, not the client).
  • Fixed numerous instances of incomplete breadcrumb trails in statistics pages.
  • Broken examples of Inline Video banners have been removed from the UI.
  • Fixed an incompatibility with recent MySQL versions (5.7.5+) when acquiring advisory locks, due to their name being now limited to 64 characters.
  • Changed misleading “Connection Window” wording to “Conversion Window” in the settings screen, to match the current usage.

Full release notes for v4.0.2 can be found on our Github page.

Download, install and upgrade

Revive Adserver v4.0.2 is available for download now.

Once downloaded, please refer to the instructions for Installations of Revive Adserver or for Upgrading Revive Adserver. Make sure that the server being used meets the minimum technical requirements.