In 2013, Andrew Hill is one of the three founding members of the Revive Adserver open source project. In late 2023, he stepped down as an active contributor.

Revive Adserver logoOne of the more frequently asked questions that we see about Revive Adserver is about VAST support. People want to know why Revive Adserver doesn’t support VAST 2.0 or VAST 3.0 out of the box.

Well, here’s why.

When we took over what was OpenX Source and re-named it Revive Adserver back in 2013, all we hoped for was the chance to allow the project to grow once again – and it has done so, beyond all expectations. We now have over 6,000 users of Revive Adserver, we’ve released 10 updates to the software, and closed 337 issues in GitHub, including numerous security fixes.

We’ve also been extremely proud to introduce a number of brand new features to the software that users have wanted for years – such as asynchronous JavaScript delivery tags, logging of blank impressions and improvements to the delivery algorithm for better campaign delivery.

The amazing team of developers who volunteer their time to Revive Adserver are dedicated to making as much happen as possible, as soon as possible – but the truth is that there is always going to be more work than time, so there will always be some users who are disappointed that the feature they want the most isn’t included out of the box.

You may be aware that VAST 2.0 support is available for Revive Adserver via the (commercial) Advanced Video Ads plugin for Revive Adserver. This plugin was developed by two of the volunteer members of the Revive Adserver team before Revive Adserver was formed. Given their time and effort to create this commercial plugin, it would be unfair to ask them to open source this plugin.

However, in the event that anyone else chooses to develop or otherwise open source a VAST plugin for Revive Adserver that is suitable, then as a project, we would not hesitate to include such a plugin in the core product.

So, to everyone who feels that VAST 2.0 or 3.0 support should be in the core of Revive Adserver, we’re sorry that it’s not there already. We’d love it to be there as much as you – but as a project based on the goodwill of its members to create code for free and release it as open source, we can only deliver what the community puts in. If something suitable is donated, then we’ll absolutely include it.

Until that day, however, I hope that you’ll understand, and appreciate everything that Revive Adserver does, completely freely and openly.


Andrew Hill