Revive Adserver is an open source project, dedicated to building and supporting the open source ad server software and the community of users around the world.

The Revive Adserver team announces the immediate availability of Revive Adserver v4.2.

Revive Adserver logoWe are pleased to announce the next major release of the Revive Adserver software, which has been given version number v4.2. This new version contains several enhancements and improvements, and it also addresses two security issues that have been discovered recently.

Here are the most important changes included in Revive Adserver v4.2:

  • We’ve updated the definition of “active” Advertisers and Campaigns, to also include Advertisers and Campaigns which will become active in the future (i.e. in the “Awaiting” state), to help with their management.
  • The Zone Probability screen now includes a link to the parent campaign for each banner.
  • We replaced the old “weight” measure on the Zone Probability screen with the actual Campaign and Banner weights, to improve clarity around probabilities of banner display in a zone.
  • IP anonymisation is now enabled, and OAID cookie are now disabled by default on new installations, as per our plans published in the first half of 2018 around the introduction of the GDPR.
  • For developers: we added support for hourly statistics to the XML-RPC API. This change was contributed by the makers of the Revive Adserver REST API.
  • We have also fixed numerous bugs, and there are also some non-backward compatible changes, so please make sure you carefully study the release notes.

Important: Revive Adserver v4.2 has a Non-Backwards Compatible Change. Support for PHP 5 has been dropped and Revive Adserver now requires at least PHP 7.0.8.

Security fixes

This version 4.2.0 also contains fixes for two vulnerabilities that were recently discovered and reported to us through our HackerOne security program.

We strongly advise people to upgrade to the most recent 4.2.0 version of Revive Adserver as soon as possible.

In case that is not immediately feasible, we especially recommend to delete the adxmlrpc.php, www/delivery/axmlrpc.php and www/delivery/dxmlrpc.php files.

Release notes

Full release notes for Revive Adserver v4.2.0 can be found on our Github page.

Download, install and upgrade

Revive Adserver v4.2 is available for download now.

Once downloaded, please refer to the instructions for Installations of Revive Adserver or for Upgrading Revive Adserver. Make sure that the server(s) being used meet(s) the minimum technical requirements.

Community contributions

Several new developments in version 4.2 have been sponsored by community members, either financially or in the form of code contributions. We’re very grateful for the support we’ve received. If you would like to contribute to our project, please consider becoming a patron on

Another way to contribute to our project, is by using the Revive Adserver Hosted edition.