Revive Adserver Security Advisory REVIVE-SA-2014-001

Revive Adserver Security Advisory REVIVE-SA-2014-001

Vulnerability: CSRF


A CSRF vulnerability was recently discovered and reported in OpenX Source Security Advisory CVE-2013-5954. However, the number of places in the code which were affected go well beyond those listed in the original advisory.

The vulnerability allows users who are logged into the Revive Adserver console to be tricked into deleting data from their Revive Adserver installation. The vulnerability does not allow remote users to access the Revive Adserver console or otherwise modify data.

Although the attack can cause loss of data and service disruptions, the risk is rated to be moderate as the vulnerability requires the victim to interact with the attack mechanism.

The vulnerability is also present and exploitable in OpenX Source 2.8.11 and earlier versions, potentially back to phpAdsNew 2.0.x.


HTTP GET methods are used extensively in the Revive Adserver web console for deleting data or unlinking accounts etc. instead of HTTP POST. These older style calls were not protected to prevent attack via CSRF.

The scripts that have been fixed are:

  • www/admin/admin-user-unlink.php
  • www/admin/advertiser-delete.php
  • www/admin/advertiser-user-unlink.php
  • www/admin/affiliate-delete.php
  • www/admin/affiliate-user-unlink.php
  • www/admin/agency-delete.php
  • www/admin/agency-user-unlink.php
  • www/admin/banner-delete.php
  • www/admin/campaign-delete.php
  • www/admin/channel-delete.php
  • www/admin/tracker-delete.php,
  • www/admin/userlog-delete.php
  • www/admin/zone-delete.php



We strongly advise people to upgrade to the most recent 3.0.5 version of Revive Adserver, including those running OpenX Source or older versions of the application.

Contact information

The security contact for Revive Adserver can be reached at: security AT revive-adserver DOT com

Current Stable Release

v4.2.1 · Download now
released May 21, 2019

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