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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Revive Adserver

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Community, Featured, Hosted edition, News

A Decade of Collaboration and Dedication:

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Revive Adserver

It’s with great joy and pride that we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Revive Adserver open source project. In an era of dominance by big tech, Revive Adserver has stood the test of time, emerging as an independent, powerful and versatile tool that empowers countless publishers, advertisers, and developers.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on this remarkable journey and the impact it has had on the world of online advertising, and to look forward to the future.

The Genesis

In 2013, our project was born out of the realization that there was a continuing need for a reliable, flexible, and cost-effective ad serving solution that does not rely on huge corporations. Building upon the legacy of OpenX Source and phpAdsNew, our passionate developers set out to maintain and continue developing the free and open-source alternative that would democratize the world of online advertising. We named it Revive Adserver. Our vision was to provide a robust platform that could suit the needs of individuals and organisations of all sizes, and in all corners of the world.

The Evolution

Over the past ten years, Revive Adserver has proven to be a comprehensive, yet easy to use, ad management system with a global community of users and contributors. With regular updates, and improvements, Revive Adserver has remained a significant force in the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising.

Key Milestones

International Reach: Revive Adserver enjoys international recognition, thanks to its multi-language support and active global community.

Security and Privacy: In an era of increasing concern for user privacy and data security, Revive Adserver has continuously improved to align with industry standards and regulations. Since the software is entirely open source, anyone can investigate the source code, and make sure that it is a safe and secure product.

Community Engagement: The active community of users and developers has been at the heart of Revive Adserver’s success. Their feedback, contributions, and support have been invaluable.

Into The Cloud: in 2018, on our 5th anniversary, we announced the Revive Adserver Hosted edition, a software-as-a-service offering based on the exact same software that was already available as a Download edition. Since then, many hundreds of individuals, small businesses, and also larger companies and even huge global corporations have subscribed to the service.

The Impact

Revive Adserver has democratised digital advertising by giving individuals, non-profit organisations, and companies of all sizes, access to a powerful ad serving platform, without having to share their data (and that of their site visitors) with big tech companies. It has enabled publishers to monetize their content effectively, and advertisers to reach their target audience efficiently. By providing a transparent and open-source alternative, Revive Adserver has contributed to the sustainability and diversity of the online advertising ecosystem.

The Past, Present, and Future

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Revive Adserver, we look back at a remarkable journey marked by dedication, and a strong commitment to open-source principles. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and the enduring impact of a project that aims to make online advertising software accessible to all. We look forward to playing our part in the next decade of growth and evolution, confident that Revive Adserver will continue to be at the forefront of open source digital advertising solutions

Here’s to the past, present, and future of Revive Adserver – a beacon of open-source success in the world of online advertising! Happy 10th anniversary!