In 2013, Andrew Hill is one of the three founding members of the Revive Adserver open source project. In late 2023, he stepped down as an active contributor.

Did you know that the idea of Revive Adserver is nearly 4 years old?

It was early 2013 when the opportunity came along to purchase the OpenX Source code base from OpenX, and Erik, Matteo and myself decided to work together to create Revive Adserver, and breathe some new life into a project that had pretty much stalled for 5 years.

In the years that have followed, we’ve made terrific progress – something that we are immensely proud of.

However, it’s been clear for a while now that the community and the core Revive Adserver team want more. More features, more fixes, more documentation. And, what’s more, we want to do it faster. This was something that was confirmed by the results of our community survey last year.

Today, to try to make this happen, Revive Adserver has launched on Patreon.

If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a crowd-funding website, but (unlike, say, Kickstarter), it’s not about raising funds for a specific, one-off development or product. Instead, it’s about delivering regular, monthly funding to the project, to allow the core team to spend more time on developing the things that the community wants.

If you use Revive Adserver to help generate revenue from advertising, and you’re part of the community that wants to see more development and documentation done for Revive Adserver, then we need your help. We’re not asking for a fortune – just a small amount each month. Even just $10 a month per sponsor will help us a lot. Larger contributions are of course also very welcome.

Please, visit our Patreon site, see what we have to say about what we want to achieve with your help, and sign up as a patron.

Together, we will take Revive Adserver forward to another level, and see where the next 4 years takes us!