In October 2015, we announced that we had transferred the intellectual property rights of the open source Revive Adserver product to a new company, Revive Adserver Software and Services.

As part of that announcement, we said that there were two key reasons for the change. Firstly, to hopefully ensure continuity for the project, by ensuring that the IP rights are shared by the members of the core team, and secondly, to allow the core team to explore possible ways of doing more with Revive Adserver.

We are all incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved since the Revive Adserver project was formed back in 2013. (It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching our 3 year anniversary!) We’ve fixed loads of historical bugs (including security issues found by our wonderful community at HackerOne), written a lot of documentation from scratch, and added some great new features. We’re continuing to do all of those things all the time.

But we also think that it would be great if we could do more. We’d love to spend more time working on Revive Adserver. Forming Revive Adserver Software and Services was our first step to exploring if we can make that happen.

So, today, we’re excited to announce our first ever “Revive Adserver Community Survey”. We’d like to hear what you think about Revive Adserver. Is everything just fine as it is, and nothing needs to change? Or do you think Revive Adserver could be more than it is today? If you do – what do you think we should focus on, and how do you think we should make that a reality?

It should take no more than 5 minutes or so to fill out the survey. We’d love to hear what you think.

Note: The 2016 Community Survey has been completed

Current Stable Release

v4.2.1 · Download now
released May 21, 2019

Hosted edition

Revive Adserver is also available as a Hosted edition, with costs as low as $10 per month.

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Revive Adserver is a project by Revive Software and Services.


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